BUXOM Full-Bodied Lip Gloss Collection – Nudes And Brights REVIEW


When I first tried the Buxom glosses, I felt like they were too minty and sticky. As I continued to use it though, I noticed how great it made my lips look… And I converted to loving it. But because there are so many drugstore lip glosses that I love I had decided NOT to purchase this set. Why spend that money, right? And…. then I was needing some retail therapy and it suddenly was irresistible. 😉

But, I WILL be getting some great use out of it. So….I’m not sad.

Here is the set in its full glory!



EVERY color here will be easily used on a daily basis. The shade I’ll use up last though is undoubtedly the mauve-y latte shade. Anything with even a hint of brown isn’t my favorite. My fair skin with pink undertones just doesn’t mix with brown shades well. It makes me look like I’m from the 90’s….. But this one isn’t terrible, so I should be able to pull it off.


Sephora’s description of this set:

What it is: 
A collection of six sheer, shimmering lip colors. (Yes, these are sheer. Do not expect full coverage. But it’s enough coverage….)

What it does: 
Get fully-loaded lips with this smooth, high-shine gloss that plumps lips with a special no-tingle formula. Jojoba oil and vitamin E add moisture and hydration to promote fullness, with sheer to medium coverage, and a shimmery finish. 

This set contains: 
– 6 x 0.06 oz Buxom™ Full-Bodied Lip Gloss in MWAH, Dolly, Yes You, Cha Cha Cha, Strut It, Pucker Up 

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 
– Parabens 
– Sulfates 
– Phthalates


My final thoughts on this set:

Quite lovely! BUT, I definitely feel that there are glosses in the drugstore for a fraction of the cost with the same effect as these. So, if you have the cash laying around and like the formula of these then go pick it up! If you’re just interested in the colors than stop by the drugstore. 🙂



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