Lorac Pro to Go Palette Review

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here! Does anybody else have those crazy weeks where life is crazy? Please say yes…….

Work has been one of those crazy things, and I discovered that on the REALLY long days my makeup looked a little worse for wear at the end of the day. I honestly don’t touch up during the day much. I’m always too consumed with my actual work to notice my mascara leaving residue on my eyelid or something….. (Even on 8-10 hour days I rarely even go to the bathroom! Yes, I’m bursting when I get home……)

So I’m starting to pack a makeup bag to just keep in my work bag. I’d like to look good ALL day…. if at all possible! 🙂 So this palette has had a lot of love from other reviews I’ve seen. I’ve really loved LORAC products I’ve tried so far… so I figured I had a good chance of loving it.

Here are the pictures and swatches of what’s included in the palette. 6 shadows, 2 blushes, and 1 bronzer. Quite the handy thing to carry along with you!

20140604_142800 20140604_142832


For the shadows we have 3 shimmer shades. Pearl, Chai, and Mink.


3 Matte shades are also included. Shell, Cafe, and Black.

20140604_142535All of these shades are EXTREMELY pigmented. I almost feel like they’re too pigmented… I end up having to be very careful with how much I pick up on a brush! But I suppose that means it’ll last a long time! And with the investment, I would hope this palette would last me a long time…..

Today I wore Pearl all over the lids and brow bone, Cafe in the crease, and Mink in the outer corner…. simple and quick. I felt it looked professional and feminine.

For the blushes and bronzer I had a few surprises! We have Bronze, Pink, and Coral for the shades. All 3 are matte. That’s my preference, especially if I’m using it for touch-ups!



The Coral was super soft, so use a light hand or you’ll have lots of fall out! Pink is more firm, and it feels like silk rather than the velvet texture of the Coral. It also appears to be less pigmented when swatched. BUT I wore it today and thinking about what I experienced when I swatched it, I piled it on. MISTAKE! I looked like I had some intense sun! So, don’t be fooled! It’s plenty pigmented!!!!

The bronzer is somewhere between the 2 blush formulas in its firmness. It was soft and creamy, but there wasn’t lots of fallout.  I also wore this today, and felt it pulled a little orange on me. That’s actually fairly normal for my skin tone. I have pale, pink undertones….. It wasn’t so orange that I couldn’t wear it. It was just enough that I didn’t love it. After I get a little color this summer, then I think it’ll be lovely though!

So my overall, thoughts of this palette are similar to the parent palette (LORAC Pro Palette). VERY pigmented, great quality, great lasting power. If you work hard, or are traveling, then this is a wonderful investment! I would be more in love if they had more than one option for this palette though. (A warm undertoned palette, or a cool undertone……) But maybe that’s too much to ask! Still worth it, either way! Two thumbs up! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Lorac Pro to Go Palette Review

  1. Wow. These are crazy pigmented! 😀 Love the packaging since it’s so compact. Really perfect for touch ups on the go.

    Have yet to try any Lorac products, I’m really eyeing their Pro eyeshadow palette.


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